We were professional badminton players.


Dedicated to our sport and driven by an obsession/curse; 

Never being satisfied combined with a belief that anything can be done even better

During our carrier we had a need of functional wear for better performance. But one thing is functional wear and the best technological equipment – what about the mental side of performing? What about looking good, what about feeling good, what about your personal development and so many other factors?


When we are developing – and creating - we feel good. When we feel good we perform better - we enjoy life!

Enjoying life and being dedicated is the motivation which upon we created ReeAct…


ReeAct is a 100% Danish sports brand.

ReeAct were created in 2007 based on our dream and has developed a long side with our life’s as athletes.

Too late we realized that we were not cursed. Our obsession is a gift and we should have treated like that always.

Our own carrier as professional badminton players are over and from now on ReeAct have our full dedication.


We want to:

  • produce unique functional products for all movements

  • be intergraded in the net and use the reality philosophy to open ReeAct to everybody

  • share our gift – ReeAct – with you



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