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Reeact Behind the scenes
Reeact on January 10,2013

This is new. This new web site, code name; REEACT8.2 are brand new.

REEACT8.2 is our idea of a cross over between dedications to all parts of sport, personal curiosity and a desire to interact with you all mixed in one web platform. Maybe the best way to describe REEACT 8.2 is a quote from our Thai "chef designer" Eef, VSI Group Asia:

"If I should describe the final result of REEACT 8.2 it would be like the thai national soup "Tom Yam Gung". A blurry, yet visible, red hot, sour soup with raw vegetables, chili, tomatoes and shrimps – when it all is mixed together it becomes a delicious hot dish"

"ReeAct", like, chat, blog, comment, follow, shop, share, explore and anything else you feel like. Let your dedication inspire you and let us know how we can improve ReeAct together? We welcome you to Reeact 8.2 with a limited opening offer on our own Gear Sweat Jeans. Go get them and GET MOVING.

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